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Kore Nutrition Offers:

Thorough Dietetic

*Computerised Diet Analysis

Tailored Goal Planning

Bespoke Nutritional Advise and Plan

Regular Communication with Dietitian 

Professional Diet Analysis

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Sample Diet Analysis

Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 1-4 (Pre Dialysis):

- Preserving kidney function and preventing further deterioration by improving diabetic and blood pressure control, as well as achieving healthy weigh and optimal nutritional intake of macronutrients e.g. protein
- Achieving safe potassium and phosphate levels to protect your heart and bones
- Preventing metabolic complications and minimising toxic effects of uraemia
Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 (Haemodialysis / Peritoneal Dialysis):
- Achieving optimal fluid management and blood pressure control
- Improving energy levels by optimising nutritional state, and achieving healthy weight
- Achieving safe potassium and phosphate levels to protect your heart and bones
- Managing metabolic complications

The best foods for kidneys health. Healthy food helps boost kidney function while preventi
Woman dietitian in medical uniform with tape measure working on a diet plan sitting with d

Hepatobiliary Conditions
(Chronic Liver and Pancreatic Disease):

- Optimising nutritional state and improving energy levels
- Managing condition specific symptoms including malnutrition,      ascites, nutrition malabsorption and maldigestion


- Optimising nutritional status to optimise your strength before        the surgery
- Designing a nutritional plan to help with your recovery
  after the surgery

- Managing surgery specific side effects
  e.g. overactive stomas

Weight Management
Heart Health
Healthy Eating

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