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Professional Diet Analysis

If you have ever wondered how balanced your diet is and whether you are at risk of any nutritional deficiencies, then you don’t have to wonder anymore. Kore Nutrition is here to answer all your questions!

Kore Nutrition offers a professional diet analysis service that provides a detailed report with a nutritional breakdown of your diet, including the quantity and the adequacy of all macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals along with their comparison to recommended standards.

The service highlights nutrients that you may be lacking in your diet, as well as those that you may be consuming in excess.

In addition, the diet analysis report provides helpful, practical tips on how to adjust your diet to get it just right in order to reduce the long-term risk of nutrition-related health problems.

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Three Day Diary Analysis

This professional analysis of your 3-day food diary provides a snapshot of your dietary intake.

While this analysis only covers an average of 3 days, it is a useful addition to your one-on-one consultation and may highlight some unexpected areas, providing more insight into your diet.


Seven Day Diary Analysis


This full 7-day dairy analysis provides a nutritional breakdown of your diet over an entire week.

Most of us consume similar meals on a weekly basis. For this reason, this 7-day diary analysis is a very good representation of the quality and adequacy of your overall diet.

In order to analyse your diet, you will be asked to record all meals, snacks, and drinks that you consume over the period of 3 to 7 days.

Once you return your food diary to us, Kore Nutrition will analyse it using the most up-to-date, professional, nutritional software.

The report from your diet analysis will be sent to you via email or post, depending on your preferences.

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